Licensing & Business Development

There are hundreds of Chinese pharmaceutical and medical technology companies with the capability and resources to secure significant distribution for your product. The challenge is finding the right partner.

The right partner is a company that has an effective mix of attributes to get a deal done and make your product a success.


– Strategic commitment to the therapy area or target sector
– Executive team prepared to execute prequalified deals
– Sufficient understanding of deal type and structure
– History of successfully financed projects


– Internal expertise for any local clinical study requirements
– In-house regulatory team for most likely State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approval
– Strong relationships with the SFDA to secure product approval

– Sales and marketing resources
– More importantly, sales and marketing understanding
– Direct access to the right distribution channels
– Necessary government relationships for reimbursement and tenders

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of China’s market helps you to secure the right partner, quickly.Working with TPP Healthcare: Our team acts as your China business development department. We interface with Chinese firms, arranging confidentiality agreements, exchanging diligence documentation, and negotiating term sheets. We’re there to guide you through the challenges and adventures of doing business in China.

We work on an exclusive representation basis: a simple agreement that prevents circumvention and rewards us based on successful deals. This can take the form of fixed fees or a percentage of sales revenue, depending on the deal structure with Chinese partners. In certain circumstances, for particular types of product, TPP will license the product itself and arrange distribution directly.