Why you need help in China

We believe our value will quickly become apparent.

Key Challenges in China — Cultural differences: communication, management styles, and rules of engagement
– Market complexity: regional industry divisions and government intervention
– Transparency: availability of market data, company data and regulatory data
– Local support required to deal with the SFDA
– Intellectual property rights enforcement and proper content for contractual agreements

Finding the Right Partner in China is Vital – Understanding the many “countries” within one; municipal, local, and regional players all need consideration
– Navigating the SFDA and various Chinese government bureaus
– Negotiating the reimbursement systems
– Coordinating with the multi-level distribution networks across the country
– Gaining the approvals for in-bound and out-bound investments

What Will TPP Healthcare Do for Me? – We assist you in finding the right partner, one who can make an investment or take your product to market.
– We help you navigate the complexities of the market and cut out the noise from its various players.
– We give you confidence that someone is representing your interests on the ground.
– We continually advocate for your cause with Chinese companies, getting information and decisions.
– We help get deals done.